I created the previous version of this website with the static website generator Jekyll on my macbook. Now I switched back to a Windows machine and as Jekyll is not officialy supported on Windows I decided to look for an alternative written in C# (just for the fun of it).

I found a project named Pretzel that follows the same conventions as Jekyll so that I wouldn’t have to completely recreate my website. As Pretzel is open source and was missing the feature to specify defaults (like layout) in the global configuration file I spent an evening forking the Github repository and adding this feature. I’m glad that the owner accepted my pull request so that I and other Pretzel users don’t have to specify the layout in the frontmatter of each post.

With some minor tweaks in my template and the markdown of my posts I was able to generate my website again almost identical as before. The big difference was that Jekyll uses Sass and Pretzel uses Less. To save some time I just copied the old generated css and didn’t bother to convert the original Sass to a Less version.