In my previous post I described a personal programming project I was planning. I wanted to use Ruby as the programming language of choice, but there are a couple of reasons for going back to C#: first, I couldn’t find a working GUI toolkit for Ruby (at least working on my OSX machine). I spent a full day and decided to move back to System.Windows.Forms (I can use the Mono implementation). Another reason is, as Michel already commented, a new language will slow me down too much and at this moment I prefer a working application above a new language.

The hardest part of a new project is the name and after a deep thought I came up with Lapsang (a black Chinese tea).

When downloading the data from the RSS-feed from HackerNews I saw there are only 25 items in the document. I need more items to train the network so I decided to make a quick-and-dirty screen scraper to browse the website and download the items of multiple pages. This will probably not be part of the final product, I prefer a pure RSS feed (or multiple, maybe via an OPML file) as my datasource.